Flower Beetles (Cetoniidae)

The flower beetles are represented in western Europe by about thirty species of medium or large size. Their colors are usually bright and metallic.

Cetonia aurata. SUISSE, 1957.Potosia cuprea. ISRAEL, 1994.Osmoderma eremita. SUEDE, 1994.

In tropical or equatorial countries there are numerous flower beetles species, with metallic or velvety colors, sometimes with strange protuberances on the head.

Dicranorrhina derbyana. ZIMBABWE, 1988.Stephanorrhina guttata. GABON, 1978.Mecynorrhina oberthuri. BURUNDI, 1970.

Adults are generally diurnal, or day-flying insects. They search actively for sweet materials, including nectar of flowers, ripe fruits, and the sap exuding from trees. Larvae develop in decaying vegetable matter, especially in hollow tree mould.