Snout Beetles, or weevils (Curculionidae)

Snout beetles constitute the largest family of beetles; there are more than 50000 known species worldwide, and the family accounts for about a tenth of all known beetle species.

Rhynchophorus palmarum. BELIZE, 1995.Bulbogaster etenostomoides. FIDJI, 1987.Trachelophorus giraffa. MADAGASCAR, 1966.

The larvae are soft, fleshy and apodal. Phytophagous and endophytic, they attack the various parts of almost all types of plants, developing in wood, roots, stems, leaves, fruits or seeds.  The larvae of some species are sometimes very harmful.

Apoderus coryli. FRANCE, 1982.Apoderus coryli. SAINT-MARIN, 1990.Rhynchites bacchus. HONGRIE, 1954.

Adults are usually found on the plants and in the places where the larvae developed; they are characterized by their head prolonged with a more or less long rostrum and by their generally bent antennae ("elbowed"), with a very long first article and a terminal club.

Anagotus fairburni. NOUVELLE-ZELANDE, 1997.Lamprochrus cossonoides. SAINTE-HELENE, 1983.Anthonomus pomorum. SLOVENIE, 2000.