Relationship between the Beetles and the Man

The beetles managed to occupy the Earth with as much effectiveness than made the Man. It is thus normal that both met and even faced. These reports/ratios could, very early, being perceived in terms of competition or hostility.

If they are present throughout its history in the past of the men, the beetles do not present themselves to it always under the same ways. These various aspects, from the religious role - or magico-religious - appeared very early, up to the role of auxiliary which asserted itself only during the XXème century, thanks to progress of agriculture and sylviculture, deserve to be quickly reviewed.

From Renaud PAULIAN, 1993. Les Coléoptères à la conquête de la Terre. Société nouvelle des éditions Boubée, Paris.

Within the framework of these pages, the deal is not to quote all the cultural interactions between the beetles and the Man. I would quote only some small examples " to let know that that exists ", but an exhaustive study requires several heavy books.

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