Ce tableau vous donne une référence croisée entre les noms scientifiques des familles de coléoptères, les noms vernaculaires en anglais, et les noms français tels qu'ils apparaissent dans le menu "Familles", pour les principales familles décrites ici. En cliquant sur le nom français (colonne de droite), vous ouvrirez la fenêtre correspondante.

This table gives you a cross-reference table between scientific names of beetles families, American English vernacular names, and French names as they appear in the "Families" menu for the main families described herein. By clicking on the English name, you will open the corresponding window.
SUB-FAMILY (for Scarabaeidae)
SOUS-FAMILLE (pour les Scarabaeidae)

Alleculidae  / Comb-clawed Beetles    
Amphizoidae  / Trout-stream Beetles    
Anobiidae  / Death-watch Beetles    
Anthicidae  / Antlike Flower Beetles    
Anthribidae  / Fungus Weevils    
Attelabidae / Leaf-rolling Weevils

Biphyllidae / Biphyllid Beetles    
Bostrichidae  / Branch-and-twig Borers    
Brachypsectridae  / Texas Beetles    
Brathinidae / Grass-Root Beetles    
Brentidae / Primitive Weevils    
Bruchidae  / Seed Beetles Bruches
Buprestidae / Metallic Wood-boring Beetles Buprestes
Byrrhidae  / Pill Beetles    
Byturidae  / Fruitworm Beetles    
Cantharidae / Soldier Beetles Cantharides
Carabidae  / Ground Beetles Carabes
Cebrionidae / Cebrionid Beetles    
Cephaloidae  / False long-horned Beetles    
Cerambycidae  / Long-horned Beetles Longicornes
Cerophytidae  / Rare Click Beetles    
Cerylonidae  / Cerylonid Beetles    
Cetoniidae  Flower Beetles Cétoines & Goliaths
Chelonariidae  / Chelonariid Beetles    
Chrysomelidae  / Leaf Beetles Chrysomèles
Cicindelidae / Tiger Beetles Cicindèles
Ciidae  / Minute Tree-fungus Beetles    
Clambidae  / Minute Beetles    
Cleridae  / Checkered Beetles Clairons
Coccinellidae  / Lady or Ladybird Beetles Coccinelles
Colydiidae  / Cylindrical Bark Beetles    
Corylophidae  / Minute Fungus Beetles    
Cryptophagidae  / Silken Fungus Beetles    
Cucujidae  / Flat Bark Beetles    
Cupedidae  / Reticulated Beetle    
Curculionidae  / Snout Beetles or Weevils Charançons
Dascillidae  / Soft-bodied Plant Beetles    
Dermestidae  / Dermestid Beetles Dermestes & Anthrènes
Derodontidae  / Tooth-necked Fungus Beetles    
Dryopidae  / Long-toed Water Beetles    
Dytiscidae / Predaceous Diving Beetles Dytiques
Dynastidae  Elephant, Hercules or Rhinoceros Beetles Dynastes
Elateridae  / Click Beetles Taupins
Elmidae / Riffle Beetles    
Endomychidae  / Handsome Fungud Beetles    
Erotylidae  / Pleasing Fungus Beetles    
Eucinetidae  / Eucinetid Beetles    
Eucnemidae  / False Click Beetles    
Euglenidae  / Antlike Leaf Beetles    
Georyssidae  / Minute Mud-loving Beetles    
Geotrupidae  Earth-boring Dung Beetles Géotrupes
Gyrinidae  / Whirlilig Beetles    
Haliplidae  / Crawling Water Beetles    
Helodidae / Marsh Beetles    
Heteroceridae  / Variegated Mud-loving Beetles    
Histeridae  / Hister Beetles Histers
Hydraenidae  / Minute Moss Beetles    
Hydrophilidae  / Water Scavenger Beetles Hydrophiles
Hydroscaphidae  / Skiff Beetles    
Lagriidae  / Long-jointed Bark Beetles    
Lampyridae  / Fireflies (= Lightningbugs) Lucioles or Lampyres
Lampyridae  / Lightningbugs (= Fireflies)    
Languriidae  / Lizard Beetles    
Lathridiidae  / Minute Brown Scavenger Beetles    
Leiodidae  / Round Fungus Beetles    
Leptinidae  / Mammal-nest Beetles    
Leptodiridae  / Small Carrion Beetles    
Limnichidae  / Minute Marsh-loving Beetles    
Limulodidae  / Horse-shoe crab Beetles    
Lucanidae / Stag Beetles Lucanes
Lycidae  / Net-winged Beetles Lycides
Lyctidae  / Powder-post Beetles    
Lymexylonidae  / Ship-timber Beetles    
Melandryidae  / Darkling Beetles    
Meloidae  / Blister Beetles Méloïdes
Melolonthidae Chafers and  June Beetles Hannetons
Melyridae  / Soft-winged Flower Beetles    
Micromalthidae  / Micromalthid Beetles    
Monommidae  / Monommid Beetles    
Mordellidae  / Tumbling Flower Beetles    
Mycetophagidae  / Hairy Fungus Beetles    
Nitidulidae  / Sap Beetles    
Nosodendridae  / Wounded-tree Beetles    
Noteridae  / Burrowing Water Beetles    
Oedemeridae  / Blister Beetles    
Othniidae  / False Tiger Beetles    
Passalidae  / Passalid Beetles    
Pedilidae  / Pedilid Beetles    
Perothopidae  / Perothopid Beetles    
Phalacridae  / Shining Mold Beetles    
Phengodidae  / Glowworms    
Platypodidae  / Ambrosia Beetles (= Pinhole Borers)    
Pselaphidae  / Short-winged Mold Beetles    
Psephenidae  / Water-penny Beetles    
Ptiliidae  / Feather-winged Beetles    
Ptilodactylidae  / Ptilodactylid Beetles    
Ptinidae  / Spider Beetles    
Pyrochroidae  / Fire-colored Beetles    
Rhipiceridae  / Cedar Beetles    
Rhipiphoridae  / Wedge-shaped Beetles    
Rhizophagidae  / Rhizophagid Beetles    
Tooth-nosed snout Weevils
Rhysodidae  / Wrinkled bark Beetles    
Rutelidae  Shining leaf Beetles Rutélines
Salpingidae  / Narrow-waisted Bark Beetles    
Scaphidiidae  / Shining Fungus Beetles    
Scarabaeidae  / Scarab Beetles Scarabées
Scarabaeidae  Acanthocerinae  Contractile Scarabs    
Scarabaeidae  Aphodiinae  Aphodiine Dung Beetles    
Scarabaeidae  Scarabaeinae  Dung Beetles Bousiers
Scarabaeidae  Scarabaeinae  Tumblebugs    
Scarabaeidae  Troginae  Hide Beetles    
Scolytidae / Bark-and-ambrosia Beetles Scolytes
Scydmaenidae  / Antlike Stone Beetles    
Silphidae  / Carrion Beetles Silphes & Nécrophores
Sphaeriidae / Minute bog Beetles    
Sphaeritidae / Sphaeritid Beetles    
Sphindidae  / Dry-fungus Beetles    
Staphylinidae  / Rove Beetles Staphylins
Stylopidae  / Twisted-winged Parasites    
Telegeusidae  / Telegeusid Beetles    
Tenebrionidae  / Darkling Beetles Ténébrions
Throscidae  / Throscid Beetles    
Trogositidae  / Bark-gnawing Beetles