Hercules and rhinoceros Beetles (Dynastidae)

In western Europe, the Dynastidae family has only 6 species, of great or very great size and of brown or black color.

Oryctes nasicornis. HONGRIE, 1954.

In the tropics or at the equator, the colors stay generally dark, but the size increases very much.

SINGAPOUR, 1998.Dynastes hercules. BHOUTAN, 1997.Dynastes tityus. ETATS-UNIS, 1999.Oryctes rhinoceros. TOKELAU, 1998.Xylotrupes gideon. MALAISIE, 1998.

Moreover, one of the Dynastinae characteristic is their sexual dimorphism; the male often showing appendices or "horns" on the head or the prothorax, "horns" that have led to some species being called "rhinoceros beetles".

Dynastes hercules mâle. DOMINIQUE, 1994.Dynastes hercules femelle. DOMINIQUE, 1994.

Left: male. Right: female.

Most species of Dynastinae have a nocturnal activity and are attracted by lights. The larvae feed on decaying vegetable matter, rotted wood, or roots.