Earth-boring dung Beetles (Geotrupidae)

The earth-boring dung beetles are sometimes classified outside the scarab beetle family. The great difference is that the earth-boring dung beetles have antennae of 11 articles or segments, whereas the scarab beetles have 10, 9 or (rarely) 8.

Geotrupes stercorarius. FINLANDE, 1995.Ceratotrupes bolivari. NICARAGUA, 1988.

The earth-boring dung beetles are represented in western Europe by about forty species, of medium or large size, convex in shape. Although they have generally dark colors, they often are adorned with a metallic lustre.

Enoplotrupes sharpi. THAILANDE, 1989.

The earth-boring dung beetles are for the most part coprophagous, like the dung beetles.