Rosalia alpina. A gauche, mâle. A droite, femelle.Rosalia alpina. ALLEMAGNE FEDERALE, 1993.
by Patrice BONAFONTE

Version française

Why a web site about beetles on stamps? To conjugate two of my passions: entomology and philately. I am interested in Insects for a long time, more particularly in beetles (mainly long-horned beetles and ground beetles), and I collect stamps since more longer.

Why not then not amalgamate these two passions? This is what I did by beginning a stamp collection of beetles. You will find here a small example of what it could look like....

Let the entomologists purists be lenient: how to describe the beetles while remaining (relatively) brief without making enormous dead ends and being reducing? Being an entomologist myself of formation, I know that there are daring holes and sometimes shortcuts.

Let the philatelists purists forgive me: the stamps presented here have only little value and there are no exceptional parts. Even locally, this presentation would not have any chance to be exposed. Moreover, the relative proportions of the stamps are not respected: they all are with the same size.

But we collect as we like, and when we like, we want to share our passion.

Thank you to make me share of your criticisms, remarks or comments while writing to me:  

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The result is in the following pages. Leave the cursor on the images to have additional information on the stamp. Now, enough of blah and made me pleasure of entering (clic the arrow on the right):

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