Stag Beetles (Lucanidae)

Stag beetles have antennae of ten articles, the first one very elongated, the following ones making with the previous a very sharp bend, the last ones comb-shaped, giving these insects the name of "Pectinicornes". Sexual dimorphism is very marked, dealing mainly with the mandibles which may have extensive size in the males.

Lucanus cervus. CAMBODGE, 1998.Lucanus cervus. ALBANIE, 1963.Lucanus cervus. UKRAINE, 1999.

Stag beetles have more than 1000 world species.  The highest species diversity is found in Asia, Indonesia, Australia and America.

Metopodontus savagei. FERNANDO-POO, 1965.Chiasognathus grantii. CHILI, 1995.Homoderus mellyi. GABON, 1978.Neolamprima adolphinae. MONGOLIE, 1991.

A dozen species can be found in Europe. Among them, Lucanus cervus, hereafter drawn by Albrecht Dürer:

Lucanus cervus. PARAGUAY, 1970.Lucanus cervus. BARBUDA, 1971.

The stag beetle lives in the old oak groves. The larva develops in the rotten wood where it digs galleries for 3 to 5 years before pupating in the ground.

Lucanus cervus (avec Oryctes nasicornis). BELARUS, 2001.