"True" Scarab beetles, or Dung Beetles (Scarabaeinae)

The dung beetles, or true scarab beetles, are all coprophagous as their name implies. That is, they feed, as well as their larvae, on excrement from a wide range of animals. They play a very important environmental role by burying or recycling feces.

Ateuchus (Scarabeus) sacer. BENIN, 2000.Kheper(Scarabeus)aegyptiorum. CAMBODGE, 2000.

Some species, and especially the Ateuchus to whom belongs the Egypt scarabaeus, shape feces into balls. Each individual rolls its dung ball backwards and eventually buries it, either to eat it, or to lay an egg. The larva, after hatching, will feed from this reserve.

Ateuchus (Scarabeus) sacer. HAUTE VOLTA, 1981.